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Mike Coulson Digital Artwork


mike coulson
Digital Photos 2013

Digital Gallery 2010

mike coulson
Digital Gallery 2009

Explorations in Digital Painting

In recent years I have become increasingly fascinated with the potential that digital art offers to enhance creativity and self-expression. This relatively new medium lends itself to the contemporary yet embodies all the dynamics of traditional art such as light, line, form, space and color. When working in this medium, I still think in terms of paint, washes and stained canvas. Colors are layered and built up as if done using traditional techniques but they are now layered in an electronic file for easy manipulation and version control. The pencil and paintbrush are now virtual tools available in the software, controlled by a stylus or mouse. The color pallet now exceeds millions of color options. Technology has opened a new realm for the artist to discover and explore and with this, new visuals to experience.

The digital artworks are printed on an Epson 9800 using ultrachrome K3 Inks on archival quality art paper.



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